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The Paradox School Manager is built with every features of a modern school requirements,
below are listed packages/features that are built into the system

Online Student Admission

Through our Enrollment Module, student can be enrolled into the school easly

Internal Chat

Creating the avenue for students and teacher to interact even after school hour


Student gets access and download uploadeded learning materials by their teachers

Staff/ Employee

This feature is used for Proper Staff record keeping, allocation of duties and many more.

Academic Management

In this module, academic activities is processed and documented. New academic section and subject can be introduced and added into the school system.

Fees / Billing

Billing like books, uniform, shoes, pencils, party, excurssion payment e.t.c

Attendance Management

Our Attendance Management Features help to eliminate lateness and improves productivity of the staff in terms of puntuality to work.

Bulk E-mail

With this feature, E-mail messages can be sent using different options

Bulk Sms

Empowers you to Send bulk sms to parents with the click of the mouse

Student Finder

This helps you to find the information of a student, group of student in a single query

Student Database

This is the storage engine. Where every details of a student can be found

Class / Exam Time table

Class and Exam Time table scheduling is important to both students, teachers and the school at large. This helps to keep students and teacher updated on days and time of their lecture

Academic Calendar

This feature enable you to schedule the events for the academic session/year

Vehicle / Transport

Management of the school transport system can be achieved using this feature

Staff Salaries

Proper Computation and Tracking of staff salary payment made easy

Hostel Management

With Our Hostel Management features, Boarding students,their hostel number, bed number etc is properly processed and documented for easy access.

Inventory Management

Management of the inflow and out flow of stocks is made easy through the use of this inbuilt feature. Proper inventory tracking is vital to school management building and that is what this feature is integrated for.

Library Management

The reading culture in our schools and students is encouraged through encouraging and building an online libraries for our schools for students consumption. with this inbuild online library feature, student stay connected on the go with their mobile phone or any internet enabled devices


The time of writing and issueing Assignment on hard paper copies is fast fazing out and that is what this module is ment to replace.

Accounts Management

Every Business outfits/ establishment needs proper financial accounting system to document and track the everyday financial transaction and schools are not left out.

Medical Management

It is important that the medical conditions and treatments given to our students be taking into proper account and documentation. With this in mind, Paradox Systems have developed and integrated this medical management feature.

Parents Management

This management module help to take proper record of parents and guardians information

Promotion Management

This is an important feature of this application is use to process and document the information of successfully promoted students.

Online Results Printing

Student can access their result using any internet enabled device from any where irrespective of geographical location.

Database Backup

Database management, Maintenance and Periodic back Backup is vital for safe record keeping.

Access & Security Management

As security and safety is paramount to human and businesses, so is cyber security implementation to online application. Our expertise in tackeling and preventing it is second to none.

School Hall Management

This feature help Schools to maintain, hire and manage the school hall

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